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Clearance Sale

Latin and Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes

At International Dance Design, our main priority is to make our customers happy. That's why, due to popular demand, we have selected (and will continue to select) only the most comfortable Ballroom Dance Shoes and Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes for the price. We understand that to dance well, one must use a shoe that not only looks good with what you are wearing and performs well for its intended purpose, but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. After having road tested more than a dozen brands of shoes and over fifty individual styles, we have selected some of our favorite brands to share with you.

Currently we feature three brands of Ballroom dance shoes , Celebrity , International Dance Design (IDD) and Souldancer. Each brand's shoes offer cushioning for added comfort while dancing. A description of each brand can be found on this page under the various shoe links.

Clearance Sale Priced Dance Shoes: Currently, we are discontinuing some of our styles due to either the fabric being discontinued or the style, or both. Therefore, we are placing these shoes on clearance sale to make space for new styles and/or fabrics. Check below for shoes that are on clearance. Keep in mind, however, that sizes are limited to those we have in stock and clearance shoes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Men's Ballroom Dance Shoes - Nikolas


Was: $160.00
Now: $95.00

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Ladies' Latin Dance Shoes - Bonnie


Was: $70.00
Now: $40.00

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Ladies' Latin Dance Shoes - Lily


Was: $70.00
Now: $40.00

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Ladies' Latin Dance Shoes - Lily


Was: $70.00
Now: $40.00

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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Shoes

Made in the USA, Celebrity Ballroom and Latin Dance shoes rank as the best shoe I have found for practice and competition. Ultra comfortable cushioning, only the finest fabrics, and top notch craftsmanship and balance, all add up to a shoe that is head and shoulders above the rest in quality and performance. And, even though their prices start a littler higher than some shoes, they are definitely worth it! If you are a competitor or experienced dancer who is ready to invest in a great pair of shoes, Celebrity is for you. Also, if you would like one of the shoes in stock, but you need a different width, a shorter or higher heel, or a different color or fabric, please let us know. For an extra fee, we can always special order. Keep in mind that special orders can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to ship.


International Dance Design (IDD) Ballroom Dance Shoes

International Dance Design's own brand of dance shoes are specifically designed in response to customer requests, preferences and needs. We offer a variety of styles intended to meet the requirements of competitors, social dancers and beginners. We are dedicated to addressing problems and faults of other shoes while maintaining comfort, style and affordability. In addition, we selected shoes that feature quality materials and cushioning.


SoulDancer Ballroom Dance Shoes

On the other hand, if you are on a strict budget... And, who isn't nowadays? Souldancer Ballroom and Latin Dance shoes are the best lower priced shoes we could find on the market today. They feature good workmanship and cushioning, while offering many traditional as well as trendier designs. Because of their lower price, they make dance shoes a viable option for the student competitor, beginner or social dancer who does not want to spend a lot of money on dance shoes, but still wants a shoe that is comfortable. Again, as with Celebrity, we can special order different heel heights or widths for an extra fee. Keep in mind that special orders can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to ship.