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The International Dance Design Store near Stafford

Ballroom and Latin Dancewear, Ballroom Dance Shoes and Accessories

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11758A Southwest Fwy
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Houston, TX 77031

next to DanceSport Club

Visit our dance store, located near Stafford, TX. We offer dance products for men, women and children, including custom designed Ballroom and Latin dance costumes, Ballroom dance shoes, Latin and Salsa dance shoes, jewelry, practice and special occasion clothing, and dance related accessories. In addition we offer ballet and jazz dance shoes and dancewear. Whether your goal is social, competitive or performance dancing, International Dance Design features “style from head to toe.”


Ballroom/Smooth Gowns

Our Ballroom gowns, designed for ladies performing or competing in International Standard and/or American Smooth styles of dancing, enhance the appearance of movement as you dance across the floor. In addition, colors and designs catch the eye with their brilliance and/or original patterns.

Tail and Smooth Suits

Find a variety of affordable designs and attractive custom made clothing for your every Standard/Smooth performance need in this category. Classy and elegant, our tail suits and vests leave you "dressed for success."


Ladies' Latin/Rhythm Dresses

Searching for costumes to wear for an International Latin and/or American Rhythm performance or competition? International Dance Design features unique, cute and sexy costumes that not only impress your partner, but also capture the attention of your entire audience. Our collection enhances the appearance of Latin movement as you dance across the floor.

Men's Latin Shirts and Pants

Many designers, unfortunately, pay little attention to male Latin dancers. At International Dance Design, we truly believe that the man is "half" of a couple, and should get just as much attention as the lady. Created for men seeking original or classic costumes that not only impress their partners, but also the entire audience, our collection is specially created to enhance the appearance of Latin movement as you dance.


Practice Clothing

Whether the goal is competition, performance, or social dancing, every dancer spends hours perfecting their skills. Our practice clothing includes everything from simple casual for practice with just you and or partner, dressy practice wear for socials or outings at a club. In addition, many of our practice dresses, and/or some of our competition dresses can be used for syllabus competition as well. Most practice dresses come with bra cups and full body suit, unless you specify otherwise.

Dance Accessories

"On display" from the minute you walk into the room, put on your shoes or await your turn to perform, dancers, like you, are always watched and yes, evaluated. Having the perfect accessories to complete your look is essential to achieving a "professional" and polished appearance. Included is our collection of those little things that make life more fashionable. Without them a "first impression" would be no more than just okay.


Ballroom Dance Shoes, Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes, Men, and Boys and Girls

At International Dance Design, our main priority is to make our customers happy. That's why, due to popular demand, we have selected (and will continue to select) only the most comfortable dance shoes for the price. We understand that to dance well, one must use a dance shoe that not only looks good with what you are wearing and performs well for its intended purpose, but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. After having road tested more than a dozen brands of shoes and over fifty individual styles, we have selected some of our favorite brands to share with you. And, we often get new styles. Check back regularly for new additions to our collection.



Add the finishing touch to any costume or social dress with our beautiful, yet reasonably priced, jewelry. Our collection features both clip-on and post earrings, necklaces, hair pieces, casual jewelry, pins and earring and necklace sets in a wide variety of styles and colors. Check out our store for new jewelry coming in all the time.


Custom Designs

At International Dance Design, we believe that each person is unique. Your body style, personal taste in clothing, hair, skin and eye color, manner of movement and what you want accentuated, are all part of what make you who you are. Our goal is to enhance your best features and deemphasize slight imperfections, while allowing for expression of your personal style. Our Custom Orders create something very special just for you. For example, you may have an idea of the kind of dress you want, but, unfortunately, we do not have that particular design currently available. In these cases, we can make a completely new costume, from scratch, according to your ideas. On the other hand, if you have no idea what you want, we can offer you a design developed personally for your needs.

In addition, at International Dance Design, we minimize customization fees in order to make it easier for the "real person" to afford. Therefore, even if you don't have a celebrity's budget, you will still look like a "star" when you go out in style wearing a piece of clothing designed and created especially for you.

Visit our store to view some of the fabrics we have "in stock" and ready to use for your "perfect" outfit.

Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance supplies

International Dance Design also provides dance supplies for Ballet, Jazz and Modern dancers. We carry a wide selection of ballet and jazz dance shoes, dance leotards and tights for women, men and children.


Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Shoes for Children, Ladies and Men

We offer comfortable and affordable Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Shoes. We understand that to dance well, one must use a shoe that not only looks good and performs well , but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. We carry dance shoes in stock in women sizes 5 through 11 in select styles. For children sizes start at child size 5. Be advised, that many children grow very fast nowadays and may already require adult sizes.

Ballet and Jazz Dance Shoes
Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Leotards

Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Leotards

International Dance Design offers dance leotards and apparel from an industry leader DANSKIN. For over 125 years Danskin has been developing clothing that meet every dancer's needs: essential layers to keep muscles warm and limber; innovative fabrics that move and breathe with the dancer keeping comfortable and cool. Danskin dance apparel features clean, flattering lines and performance fabrics that enhance the beauty of the movement. Made of high-end spandex material DANSKIN dance leotards absorb moisture and dry quickly. Plus, high quality materials developed for dance perform well, avoiding frustrating "stretch and never come back" result.

Our dancewear and leotards come in basic colors and styles often required for a variety of dances and purposes. From beginners to more advanced ballet, jazz and modern dancers, our dancewear is flexible enough to meet many needs and durable enough to be worn every day and withstand rigorous training by the more ambitious dancers. Our dancewear is a "must have" for every dancer's wardrobe. Be sure you're well prepared for class by stopping by International Dance Design to select your basics today!


Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Tights

International Dance Design offers a variety of Danskin dance tights for adult dancers. You can choose from footless tights, footed tights or even convertible tights when in doubt! Danskin Classic Microfibre dance tights are excptionally smooth and soft. These professional quality tights have beautiful finish, dry quickly and offer stretch and recovery of spandex. The gusset is dued-to-match in Coolmax (c) - giving moisture management where you need it most. We offer dance tights in a variety of colors including pink, black, white and flesh color. Other colors can be special ordered, please contact us for more information. For professional dancers and performers we also offer black and suntan colored fishnet tights.

Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Tights

Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes for Children and Adults

Find a variety of fun, yet challenging affordable Ballroom and Latin dance classes for adults and children at DanceSport Club near Stafford, TX.

History of Stafford, TX

“The people of Stafford and their leaders have compiled a growing list of impressive and unique accomplishments. They have taken a fledging agrarian city with a few stores and many farms and transformed it into a respected, culturally diverse, well financed urbanized suburb. They have fought the powers in the state capitol, federal courts and public forums to create innovative educational, economic, social and cultural opportunities, that have gained attention, and in some instances, notoriety for doing the unpredictable. They have overcome numerous adversities and many doubters, and steadfastly pursued their stated goals. In doing so, they have adequately equipped the City of Stafford with the ability to continue to set standards for other cities to emulate, and often envy. They have built a city that runs a fiscally responsible ship, provides outstanding services, enhances a prominent infrastructure and plans and prepares well to address the many challenges that the city is likely to face in the coming years and beyond.” Mayor Leonard Scarcella

In 1820, when the land that is now Texas was under the rule of Spain, Stephen F. Austin took advantage of a Spanish offer to settle a vast area of the territory in exchange for expansive land grants. William J. Stafford became intrigued with the offer and was one of Austin's “Old 300” families that made the migration west and settled here. In 1824, Stafford was granted a league-and-a-half of land, which became known as Stafford's Point, and aided by a horse-powered cotton gin, began farming on his plantation and operating the gin to bale his and other farmers' crops in the area. It marked the beginning of the business friendly climate that remains as a trademark of Stafford today.

The prominence and influence of Stafford's Point flourished until 1836, when General Santa Ana, leading the Mexican Army, continued his invasion of Texas. After overrunning the Alamo in San Antonio, he headed for San Jacinto. He and his troops stopped in Stafford's Point for the night, and before departing on their incursion, pillaged and burned this thriving community. By 1840, settlers had returned to begin to rebuild the town. Sugar cane was gaining in stature as the preferred economic product and replaced cotton as the primary source of income for the revitalizing economy. Attracted by this expanding community, Stafford´s Point became the terminal point of the first railroad tracks built in Texas. On September 1, 1853, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railroad made its maiden twenty mile trip from Harrisburg to Stafford's Point. After a couple of years, the rails were extended westerly. Today, there are over 12,000 miles of railroad tracks in Texas.

The Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation resulted in a dynamic shift in the direction and economy of the area. By 1869, a U.S. Post Office was established bearing the new name of Stafford. Freed slaves, who established numerous small farms, became the dominant landowners. By the turn of the century, the population rose to around 300, but then began a significant decline. By 1914, only about 100 people called Stafford home. Over the next four decades, immigrants turned the tide and began to filter in. Led by a contingency of Italians looking for both business and farming opportunities, the future of Stafford began to take shape. However, sandwiched in was a raucous and, in retrospect, somewhat humorous period during the infamous Prohibition Era which featured widespread bootlegging and gambling that gave the town an image throughout the area that is still remembered with a wry smile by some of the surviving old-timers.

After World War II, the townspeople began to organize. They played a prominent role in obtaining authority from the state legislature in 1946 for the creation of the Fort Bend County Water Control and Improvement District No. 2, which provided safe drinking water and proper disposal of sanitary sewage. A year later, the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department was born. Today, the outgrowth of that organization is ranked as one of the top firefighting