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The International Dance Design Store near Sugarland

Ballroom and Latin Dancewear, Ballroom Dance Shoes and Accessories

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Houston, TX 77031

next to DanceSport Club

Visit our dance store, located near Sugarland, TX. We offer dance products for men, women and children, including custom designed Ballroom and Latin dance costumes, Ballroom dance shoes, Latin and Salsa dance shoes, jewelry, practice and special occasion clothing, and dance related accessories. In addition we offer ballet and jazz dance shoes and dancewear. Whether your goal is social, competitive or performance dancing, International Dance Design features “style from head to toe.”


Ballroom/Smooth Gowns

Our Ballroom gowns, designed for ladies performing or competing in International Standard and/or American Smooth styles of dancing, enhance the appearance of movement as you dance across the floor. In addition, colors and designs catch the eye with their brilliance and/or original patterns.

Tail and Smooth Suits

Find a variety of affordable designs and attractive custom made clothing for your every Standard/Smooth performance need in this category. Classy and elegant, our tail suits and vests leave you "dressed for success."


Ladies' Latin/Rhythm Dresses

Searching for costumes to wear for an International Latin and/or American Rhythm performance or competition? International Dance Design features unique, cute and sexy costumes that not only impress your partner, but also capture the attention of your entire audience. Our collection enhances the appearance of Latin movement as you dance across the floor.

Men's Latin Shirts and Pants

Many designers, unfortunately, pay little attention to male Latin dancers. At International Dance Design, we truly believe that the man is "half" of a couple, and should get just as much attention as the lady. Created for men seeking original or classic costumes that not only impress their partners, but also the entire audience, our collection is specially created to enhance the appearance of Latin movement as you dance.


Practice Clothing

Whether the goal is competition, performance, or social dancing, every dancer spends hours perfecting their skills. Our practice clothing includes everything from simple casual for practice with just you and or partner, dressy practice wear for socials or outings at a club. In addition, many of our practice dresses, and/or some of our competition dresses can be used for syllabus competition as well. Most practice dresses come with bra cups and full body suit, unless you specify otherwise.

Dance Accessories

"On display" from the minute you walk into the room, put on your shoes or await your turn to perform, dancers, like you, are always watched and yes, evaluated. Having the perfect accessories to complete your look is essential to achieving a "professional" and polished appearance. Included is our collection of those little things that make life more fashionable. Without them a "first impression" would be no more than just okay.


Ballroom Dance Shoes, Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes, Men, and Boys and Girls

At International Dance Design, our main priority is to make our customers happy. That's why, due to popular demand, we have selected (and will continue to select) only the most comfortable dance shoes for the price. We understand that to dance well, one must use a dance shoe that not only looks good with what you are wearing and performs well for its intended purpose, but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. After having road tested more than a dozen brands of shoes and over fifty individual styles, we have selected some of our favorite brands to share with you. And, we often get new styles. Check back regularly for new additions to our collection.



Add the finishing touch to any costume or social dress with our beautiful, yet reasonably priced, jewelry. Our collection features both clip-on and post earrings, necklaces, hair pieces, casual jewelry, pins and earring and necklace sets in a wide variety of styles and colors. Check out our store for new jewelry coming in all the time.


Custom Designs

At International Dance Design, we believe that each person is unique. Your body style, personal taste in clothing, hair, skin and eye color, manner of movement and what you want accentuated, are all part of what make you who you are. Our goal is to enhance your best features and deemphasize slight imperfections, while allowing for expression of your personal style. Our Custom Orders create something very special just for you. For example, you may have an idea of the kind of dress you want, but, unfortunately, we do not have that particular design currently available. In these cases, we can make a completely new costume, from scratch, according to your ideas. On the other hand, if you have no idea what you want, we can offer you a design developed personally for your needs.

In addition, at International Dance Design, we minimize customization fees in order to make it easier for the "real person" to afford. Therefore, even if you don't have a celebrity's budget, you will still look like a "star" when you go out in style wearing a piece of clothing designed and created especially for you.

Visit our store to view some of the fabrics we have "in stock" and ready to use for your "perfect" outfit.

Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance supplies

International Dance Design also provides dance supplies for Ballet, Jazz and Modern dancers. We carry a wide selection of ballet and jazz dance shoes, dance leotards and tights for women, men and children.


Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Shoes for Children, Ladies and Men

We offer comfortable and affordable Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Shoes. We understand that to dance well, one must use a shoe that not only looks good and performs well , but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. We carry dance shoes in stock in women sizes 5 through 11 in select styles. For children sizes start at child size 5. Be advised, that many children grow very fast nowadays and may already require adult sizes.

Ballet and Jazz Dance Shoes
Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Leotards

Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Leotards

International Dance Design offers dance leotards and apparel from an industry leader DANSKIN. For over 125 years Danskin has been developing clothing that meet every dancer's needs: essential layers to keep muscles warm and limber; innovative fabrics that move and breathe with the dancer keeping comfortable and cool. Danskin dance apparel features clean, flattering lines and performance fabrics that enhance the beauty of the movement. Made of high-end spandex material DANSKIN dance leotards absorb moisture and dry quickly. Plus, high quality materials developed for dance perform well, avoiding frustrating "stretch and never come back" result.

Our dancewear and leotards come in basic colors and styles often required for a variety of dances and purposes. From beginners to more advanced ballet, jazz and modern dancers, our dancewear is flexible enough to meet many needs and durable enough to be worn every day and withstand rigorous training by the more ambitious dancers. Our dancewear is a "must have" for every dancer's wardrobe. Be sure you're well prepared for class by stopping by International Dance Design to select your basics today!


Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Tights

International Dance Design offers a variety of Danskin dance tights for adult dancers. You can choose from footless tights, footed tights or even convertible tights when in doubt! Danskin Classic Microfibre dance tights are excptionally smooth and soft. These professional quality tights have beautiful finish, dry quickly and offer stretch and recovery of spandex. The gusset is dued-to-match in Coolmax (c) - giving moisture management where you need it most. We offer dance tights in a variety of colors including pink, black, white and flesh color. Other colors can be special ordered, please contact us for more information. For professional dancers and performers we also offer black and suntan colored fishnet tights.

Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance Tights

Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes for Children and Adults

Find a variety of fun, yet challenging affordable Ballroom and Latin dance classes for adults and children at DanceSport Club near Sugarland, TX.

History of Sugarland, TX

The land in and about the City of Sugar Land was originally owned by the Mexican government and was granted to Samuel M. Williams through Stephen F. Austin. There were several factors which governed Williams receiving this grant, among them was the fact that he spoke Spanish, was well educated, and wrote a fine Spencerian hand. Williams called this land “Oakland Plantation” because there were many different varieties of oaks on the land - Pin Oak, Post Oak, Water Oak, Red Oak, and Live Oak. During this period of time, land grants were measured from one oak to another.

Sugar Industry
Sugar became a part of life in the area of Sugarland when S. M. Swinson, captain of a small freight boat, made a meandering journey along the United States coast from New York to Velasco. Along the journey, commodities were picked up at various points and dispensed of as the journey proceeded. One of the stops was Cuba, and as it happened, it was during the height of sugar cane season. A small load of sugar cane stalks was taken on board and later delivered to Samuel M. Williams. The next time Swinson came to the area, he saw sugar cane growing “as high as a man on a horse” and immediately returned to Cuba to purchase more stalks. Soon after, a mill was built to squeeze the juice from the stalks.

Today, the present refinery in Sugarland is located approximately on the spot where the first mill was built. After the death of Samuel Williams, the family attempted to keep the mill alive; however, this was not possible, and the mill was sold to Benjamin Franklin Terry and William Jefferson Kyle. Kyle was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1803, and Terry was born in Kentucky in 1821. In 1849, both Kyle and Terry, who were living at the time in Brazoria, left Texas along with 20 or 30 others to go to the gold fields of California. By the time they reached California, they had increased in number and had approximately 60 wagons, two companies of pack mules and two sets of engineers. Terry and Kyle prospected gold in California, making quite a fortune.

Sugar Land
In 1853, they returned to Texas and with a portion of the fortune purchased the “Oakland Plantation” from the S. M. Williams family. The land, rich in sugar cane, was appropriately renamed “Sugar Land.” The mill was operated using rollers and mule power and the open-kettle process. Molasses was drained off in troughs to 1,000 pound hogsheads for shipment. The railroad from Stafford to Richmond was built by Kyle and Terry. Plans were to run the railroad from Stafford, where the timber met the prairie, direct to Richmond and would have missed Sugar Land; however, Kyle and Terry paid $25 per acre for 2,500 acres of land, paying $7,000 in cash, with the remaining balance due in a series of notes up to year 1858 at which time the notes were fully paid. The big bend, which is currently in the railroad between Stafford and Sugar Land, is a result of this land purchase and Kyle and Terry's desire to have the railroad run through Sugar Land.

In 1860, the Kyle and Terry properties were valued at $250,000. The Sugar Land plantation passed through other hands in years to follow and was finally purchased from the bankrupt Colonel E. H. Cunningham interests by I. H. Kempner and W. T. Eldridge in 1907, at which time the sugar refining process was expanded to what is now known as Imperial Holly Corp. In 1907, the town of Sugar Land began growing at a rapid rate, with operating expenses amounting to around $50,000 per year.

In the fall of 1959, the heretofore company-owned town began the process of incorporation and on Dec. 15, 1959, T. E. Harman was elected the first Mayor of Sugar Land to serve with five Aldermen. The first City Council meeting was held on Jan. 19, 1960.

Home Rule
The City of Sugar Land was incorporated in 1959 as a “General Law” city and remained such from 1959 until Jan. 17, 1981, at which time a special city election was held for the purpose of establishing a home rule municipal government. Voters approved the adoption of a home rule charter in accordance with the constitution and statutes of the state of Texas. The type of municipal government provided by this charter was known as “mayor-council government,” and all powers of the city were invested in a Council composed of a mayor and five councilmen.

In January 1985 pursuant to charter requirements, a five-member charter review commission was appointed and charged with the responsibility of reviewing the operation of the city government and determining whether such Charter provisions required revision and, if deemed advisable, to make recommendations to City Council for amendments to the Charter. As a result of this review, the commission recommended that several areas of the Charter be amended.

A special Sugarland city election was held Aug. 9, 1986, to submit the proposed changes to the electorate for consideration. By a majority of the voters, amendments to the Charter were approved which provided for a change in the city's form of government from that of “mayor-council” (strong mayor) to that of a “council-manager” form of government which provides that the city manager be the chief administrative officer of the city.

Approval of this amendment provided for the mayor to become a voting member of Council, in addition to performing duties as presiding officer of the Council. An amendment on May 5, 1990, changed the composition of the City of Sugarland Council to a Mayor, four council members to be elected by single-member districts and two council members by at-large position. This composition remains in effect today with term limits of eight consecutive years.