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Dance Accessories

Dance Accesories - Shoe Bag


Dance Accesories - Shoe Bag



"Wonderbox" Shoe Bag

Specially designed to meet a dancer's needs, this uniquely styled shoe bag remains compact while maintaining the ability to comfortably accomodate up to two pairs of shoes. While, admittedly, its outer comfort and sleek look make this an attractive bag to "show off" in, included are many special features which make it a must in efficiency as well. This bag's unique design, each pair of shoes sports an individual compartment, making it easy to find and pull out any pair you need. Additionally, strategically "hidden" mesh allows for better ventilation of your shoes. That's right, you can cut down on smelly or "still sweaty" shoes which used to make you want to sit as far away as possible from others when taking your shoes out to put them on. Inside the bag, additional compartments ensure that a dancer's needs for space are met. Yes, this means pockets for papers, CDs and make-up, or whatever else you need... Adjustable strap makes this more convenient to use. Finally, we have a nearly endless variety of choices when it comes to color and fabric this bag can be made in. We're sure that we can find something to fit your personal taste and style.

As an optional feature we offer to embroider your name, initials or even your team logo on the bag. Shoe bags come standard with International Dance Design logo. To create embroidery designs, we use state-of-the-art equipment and software. Embroidery is available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Price depends on level of difficulty of design, size and number of letters. Click here for more information on embroidery.

Note: Dance shoes are not included.

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