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Ladies' Ballroom Gowns

for International Standard/ American Smooth

Lady's Ballroom Gowns - Poseidon's Treasure

Lady's Ballroom Gowns - Poseidon's Treasure


"Poseidon's Treasure "

The King of the Seas would be proud to claim you as his when he sees you wearing this shimmery ballroom gown with strategically placed slits to enhance movement on the dance floor. Elegance and "sexiness" go hand in hand with this beautiful gown that can be utilized for any style ballroom competition, be it American or International. Floats are easily detachable and reattachable, no cutting or sewing necessary.

Don this beautiful gown constructed of light, stretchy light lycra with a subtle shimmer pattern and you will be sure to impress. Stylish gold trim accents, as well as beautifully flowing organza ruffles, add the final touches to make it stunning from every angle. Full circle skirt does not appear bulky since materials are thin and naturally flowy. Genuine swarovski rhinestone trim accents add even more sparkle to make this gown simply irresistible.

Gown includes full body suit. Skirt length can be changed according to your preferences. . Comes standard with bra cups and gentle ribbing.

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