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Ladies' Ballroom Gowns

for International Standard/ American Smooth

Lady's International Ballroom and American Smooth Gowns - Belle Cerise

Lady's International Ballroom and American Smooth Gowns - Belle Cerise


"Belle Cerise "

Simply beautiful lace and attention to detail make this gown an affordable alternative to pricey gowns with rhinestones. Versatile enough to wear for International Standard, this American style gown utilizes metallic lace to create shine, without adding the extra cost of rhinestones.

Designed for American Smooth style dancing, this gown's skirt exudes feminine romance with its three-layers of flowy chiffon, made to enhance skirt movement on the dance floor. Matching chiffon sleeves create a romantic look, without overdoing it.

The bodice features floral lace with metallic accents and a matching inner body suit . And, its simple styling results in a look that slims and elongates the frame. You will love the way you look wearing this gown!

Costume comes with body suit bra cups. Matching floats can be added upon request.


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