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Men's Latin Shirts

for International Latin and American Rhythm

Gentleman's International Latin Shirts - Red Hot Chili Pepper



"Red Hot Chili Pepper "

What ingredient gives a dish its authentic Latin flavor? The answer is simple, red, hot chili peppers. Extremely spicy and full of flavor, they make your mouth water in anticipation. Just like tasty Latin food, people will find you simply and deliciously irresistable when you wear this sexy "hot" Latin shirt. This outfit is sure to "spice up" your choreographed routine, while allowing you to execute a faultless performance with "sharp" Latin technique. What else would you expect from a Red Hot Chili Pepper?

The shirt is made of stretchy spandex fire red material that allows complete freedom of movements. Its sexy low cut v-neck is accented with a teasing string tie.

Shirt normally comes with attached underwear, but full body suit can be added upon request. Style may be available in different colors and/or fabrics. Contact us for availability of fabric choices.

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