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Men's International Latin and American Rhythm

Gentleman's International Latin Shirts - White Tiger



"White Tiger "

The White tiger's elusiveness can be matched only by its ravishing splendor. Yet, underneath the White tiger's exquisitely magestic beauty and grace, lurks a fierce, untameable spirit. Those lucky enough to spot these rare creatures retain the memory of this wild and dangerous, yet breathe-takingly inspiring, feline for the rest of their lives. Endowed with a shiny snow-white coat and black stripes, these cats leave an eternal impression on any spectator.

Our costume, constructed of white lycra, covered with white mesh and black stripes, pays an artistic and brilliant tribute to the fierce beauty of the White tiger. Wearing this costume on the dance floor fills the dancer with the beast's majestic ferocity and passion. Swarowski rhinestones that cover stripes will sparkle in the spot lights. You will definitely be a king on the dance floor as the he-tiger is a king in the jungle.

This shirt comes with a full body suit.

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