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Burning Love Latin Dress

Ignite the flames of passion as you tear through the dance floor wearing this sizzling "hot" number. Endowed with a spectacularly intricate design and an abundance of Swarowski rhinestones, this dress engulfs the wearer in a radiant glow akin only to the fire of burning lust. Leave everyone "reaching for their fans" as movement creates the illusion of you as a real-life roaring flame, burning right on the dance floor. A black "see through" mesh background emphasizes the centerpiece flame design-- created through a combination of orange, red and yellow Swarowski stones of varying sizes--as well as adding an understated sex appeal. Over 100 gross of Swarowski rhinestones and colorful bugle fringe add a brilliance that sparkles and shines as you move, even in dim light. This costume will no doubt ensure that every eye remains riveted only on you during your dramatic performance. Costume comes with full built-in body suit. Bra cups and/or ribbing may be added upon request.

Chinese Love Latin Dress

Known as possessing one of the most enduring cultures in history, the Chinese continue to impact many throughout the world with their rich traditions. Pay a tribute to this magnificent culture by wearing our artististic rendition of a blending of East and West. Combining traditional symbolism with contemporary lines, this simple, yet elegant dress, delivers a message of love in every language. Not many people realize that the color red in China symbolizes love, purity and luck, being the choice color of bridal gowns in China, where in the United States they are white. This costume attempt to aesthetically combine symbols of love from the two worlds: the color red and written symbol for love from China, with a rose and heart from the West. Costume bodice and arms are constructed of scarlet red mesh combined with flesh-colored and pink sections. Artistic touches include skillfully hand-painted designs with small Swarowski stones for highlights. And, as the final touch, we utilize sparkling embellishments in larger Swarowski rhinestones (SS30), bugle fringes and sparkling heart-shaped stones. . Costume includes full body-suit. Bra cups and additional ribbing support is available upon request.
$150.00 por 3 día (s)

Egyptian Goddess Latin Dress

Look like a goddess when you wear this stunningly sexy Latin dance costume that dares to show a bit more flesh. Made of light and flowy bridal chiffon with an iridescent finish, the dancer's elegant silhouette moves and sparkles with every step. Covered in gold lame and accented in a solid outline of Swarowski SS30 rhinestones, the brilliant belt and top band further enhance overall visual effect on the floor. Finally, adding intrigue to any entrance, a matching cape of bridal chiffon with gold trim may be worn or removed, revealing the seductive costume underneath. Four pieces make up the total package: top, skirt, belt and cape. Skirt includes built-in underwear and an outline of Swarowski SS30 AB rhinestones. Bra cups or skirt lining may be added upon request.

French Seductress Latin Dress

For centuries, French women have zealously guarded their secrets in the intricate art of seducing men. Often imitated and highly praised in books, songs and movies, their skills have become the stuff of legends. One of keys to their success involves the use of extremely seductive clothing. Dresses made of bright colors that follow the female form's curves and contours while revealing "just enought" to trigger fantasy and imagination have become essential tools in the ultimate seductive defeat of males. Wearing this costume --boldly constructed of attractive shiny scarlet and gold lycra/spandex materials trimmed in bright red bugle fringe and sparkling Swarowski rhinestones, combined with "revealing" inserts of flesh colored mesh and a sexy lace up back for the piece d' resistance-- you will, no doubt, transform into a brilliant heir of this rich French legacy. And, once the recipe for success has been followed, nothing else is required. The male imagination does the rest... This Latin style costume includes a full body suit. Bra cups can be installed upon request for additional support.
$150.00 por 3 día (s)

Pink Leopard Latin Dress

Cute and sexy, this "smart" latin costume combines pink stretchy tricot covered with "leopard" mesh. Bright pink trim and an abundance of Swarovski rhinestones on the leopard spots add flavor and sparkle. Skirt is constructed of black top layer and pink bottom layer. Barely visible without movement pink skirt accentuates movement during performance. Costume includes built-in body-suite. Matching leopard print (with tricot lining) gauntlets can be added for an extra fee.

Seniorita Sexy Latin Dress

Cute and sexy Latin dance costume featuring "South Of The Border" theme. Made of shiny satin material with glittery finish this costume will definitelly stands out on the dance floor. Skirt edges are outline with red and black glass bugels which make skirt even more flowy and sparkly.

Stunning Sequins

This black shiny costume will make you look "like those professionals". Costume's top is made of sequended material and the skirt of stretchy leather. Both parts are attached to the Tactel bodysuit for maximum comfort and stability. This ensures that the costume will look the same no matter what complicated moves you are performing.

Tropical Paradise Latin Dress

Transform yourself into a colorful tropical forest bird with this dress. The bodice foundation, cleverly made of flesh colored material, virtually disappears when viewed from a distance. Instead, the colorful parrot perched on a palm branch appears suspended in thin air, capturing the audiences attention. For this beautifully rendered artwort, bright textile permanent textile paints create the brush strokes, while strategically placed Swarowski rhinestones emphasize focus points and add sparkle and brilliance. Ruffled colorful chiffon skirt layers cascade in the back to resemble a parrot's tail. Costume includes full built-in body suit. Flesh colored strap is added over right shoulder for additional support during performance. Bra cups and/or ribbing may be added upon request.
$150.00 por 3 día (s)

White Tiger Latin Dress

The White tiger's elusiveness can be matched only by its ravishing splendor. Yet, underneath the White tiger's exquisitely magestic beauty and grace, lurks a fierce, untameable spirit. Those lucky enough to spot these rare creatures retain the memory of this wild and dangerous, yet breathe-takingly inspiring, feline for the rest of their lives. Endowed with a shiny snow-white coat and black stripes, these cats' penetrating blue eyes leave an eternal impression on any spectator. Our costume, constructed of white lycra, covered with white mesh and black stripes, pays an artistic and brilliant tribute to the fierce beauty of the White tiger. Wearing this costume on the dance floor fills the dancer with the beast's majestic ferocity and passion. Hundreds of fringes wildly sway and sparkle with each step. Swarowski rhinestones that cover stripes will sparkle in the spot lights. You will defnitely be a queen on the dance floor as the she-tiger is a queen in the jungle. Costume comes with standard built in underwear. Top and the skirt are two separate pieces that are connected with hooks. Flesh-colored strap over left shoulder provides additional support. Bra cups may be installed upon request.
$200.00 por 3 día (s)