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At International Dance Design, each member of our team possesses an extensive background in performance and competitive dancing. We understand that many Ballroom and Latin dancers, men and women, face several problems unique to competitive and performance dancing.

Out of these concerns, we found three major areas that needed to be addressed in regards to existing costume design for dancers and performers:

First, many "real" dancers often encounter the dreaded problem of fit, or comfort. Many dancers have problems buying "off the rack" due to the fact that there is one "model" type which the industry uses and at least a hundred body types belonging to real dancers. And, yes, this also applies to guys, and even more so to children who are even less uniform in their unique "growth spurts." Thus, when shopping for dance costumes, the problem of fit is compounded, since dancers require not only something that looks good, but is also comfortable during performances. At International Dance Design, our custom sizing option allows for us to make a costume that fits the way you want it to, because it is made for the "pefect size you."

Second, despite the fact that the selection of designs at some local dance stores appears huge, many dancers with discriminating tastes find themselves saying "well, the neckline is nice, but I don't like the skirt or sleeves" or, "I kind of like it, but I would prefer a color which looked better with my color skin" or "the skirt is a little too short for my taste, if it was only about three inches longer." At International Dance Design, we take your personal specific needs and desires into consideration when designing a costume that flatters you, not some model a designer far away had in mind when he designed a particular "trendy" style.

The third thing that often bothers dancers is the unreasonably high prices. Many dancers like to have several costumes to choose from and end up paying thousands of dollars for something that they barely like, or looks somewhat OK on them and may only be "acceptable" in comfort (or often not comfortable at all). In other words, many remain disappointed and out a ton of money. At International Dance Design, we take your budgetary concerns into consideration when designing a style for you. We can often work with a wide range of choices to suit almost every budget, merely adjusting fabric choices, number of rhinestones, or difficulty of design.

As dancers ourselves, at International Dance Design, we design and sew costumes for men women, teen and children that meet their individual needs and desires. Now, after several years of hard work, education and research, we understand that many Ballroom and Latin dancers, men and women, come across many of the same problems. Problems, that, apparently cannot be addressed by manufacturing "standard industry" sized garments cheaply and thinking that these "standard" sizes will fit real people and dancers.

Thus, because most dancers prize the apparent, yet often elusive, qualities of fit or comfort and affordability in designs that flatter them, our team of dedicated members pride ourselves on listening to each individual dancer's needs and desires. Therefore, our priority remains to create affordable designs that complement and enhance your performance on the dance floor, regardless of size, body shape or style of dancing. The better you look, the happier we are.

While browsing through our online catalogue, keep in mind that any design on this site, or that we create, can be made for your size, see custom order designs and custom sizing. At International Dance Designs, patterns are not taken from an “industry standard” but created individually for each design. Remember, at International Dance Design, no customer is an imperfect Size 6 or 8; you are always a "Perfect Size You."


Jeanette Chevalier-White
Design Director
International Dance Design

Jeanette Chevalier-White - Design Director

Jeanette Chevalier-White, design director at International Dance Design, began dancing for fun at two years old and ballroom dancing as a freshman in college at Rice University . She served as Vice President for many years for Houston USA dance, as well as serving as an officer with the University of Houston Social Ballroom and Latin Dance Club, where she still helps out as an instructor, often organizing and/or participating in their formation and competition teams. In addition to her work at U of H, Jeanette likes to promote ballroom and Latin dancing in the community. She strives to achieve this goal by organizing and offering opportunities to learn and practice ballroom and Latin dance. Some of the activities include workshops, dance camps, and other social networking to share her love of dance with others, see Dancesport Club for more details. Finally, Jeanette continues to compete at various dance competitions around the country. As a result of her enjoyment of competitive and performance dance, and during her service as USA Dance Officer, she chaired a Chapter Dance Competition and has performed as a member of the Terpsichorean Society formation team, as well as with the "Exterps." Currently, she is working on continuously developing and improving her skills in dancing, as well as in designing dance costumes for use in Ballroom, Latin and other styles of dance.