International Dance Design now offers machine embroidery, a new and stylish feature available to enhance or personalize our clothing and accessories. Embroidery options expand our range of artistic creation. A few embroidery examples on this page clearly illusatrate this statement.
Whether you want to simply add your initials to a competition robe, have us create a multi-colored team logo on your shoe bag we can help. Simply submitt us your art-work and we will do the rest. We would prefer to have electronic copies of art-work, however paper copies are also accepted.

Price may increase, depending on difficulty of design. Rough estimates are as follows :


Initials - $10.00

Name (up to 6 letters) - $20.00

Small (up to 5''x4'') logo of one color - $25.00

Big (up to 14''x7'') logo of one color $30.00

Multi-colored logos - starting at $35.00


Contact us to receive detailed estimates on your embroidery.