Boys Costumes

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Boys Basic Dance Pants

Many competition dress codes require boys to wear dance pants without shiny stripe or waistband. Therefore this is exactly what you were looking for. This basic version of boys dance pants is a replica of "adult" dance pants. It is made of the same high-quality stretchy materials but just for boy sizes. Even though many manufacturers use standard patterns for children clothing, we recognize that every child is unique in his growth and development pattern. Therefore our boy pants are custom made for your child to provide him with maximum comfort during performance. Children do not have to settle for anything less than adults can have. For an extra fee, shiny side stripe or/and back yoke design can be added.

Boys Long Tie

Many competition dress codes require boys to wear a bow tie or tie. However, it is always a problem for parents, since most store-bought ties are too long for their sons. We feature black long neck ties that are made specifically for children. They are proportionally smaller than their "adult" versions, thus making your child look good.