Children Tap Dance Shoes

At International Dance Design, our main priority is to make our customers happy. That's why, due to popular demand, we have selected  only the most comfortable Tap Dance Shoes for the price. We understand that to dance well, one must use a shoe that not only looks good with what you are wearing and performs well for its intended purpose, but most importantly fits well and is comfortable. After having road tested more than a dozen brands of shoes and over fifty individual styles, we have selected some of our favorite brands to share with you.

We are especially proud to offer children's tap dance shoes. More and more young dancers are taking to the competition floor, adding even more joy of watching for the spectator and pride for the parent. And, since they constitute the future of dancing, we feel strongly that featuring dance footwear for children should be a necessary part of any dance shoe collection. Therefore, we are happy to present classic options for children. Visit our Houston dance  store to make sure your tap dance shoes fit right!

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Child Basic Tap Dance Shoe

Black patent Child Basic Tap Dance Shoe