Black Crystal with AB rim

Black diamond shaped crystal stone trimmed with crystal AB stones. This set is for people that are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.
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Tailored Ballroom Shirt

With many new designs out there to choose from, we find that most men still prefer a good cotton shirt as their best choice for Ballroom shirts. Cotton projects a classic Ballroom look and feel, providing good sweat absorption and quality insulation, while being "washable." By substituting tailored patterns, we have improved the main disadvantage of classic cotton shirts - excess bulk in the back area. Eliminating unneccessary excess material from lower and middle back allows for a "flat back" look that is highly desired by Ballroom dancers, especially if performing without a suit. If wearing tails, this tailored shirt parallels the suit's tailoring, thus creating a nicer fit. Attached underwear holds shirt in place no matter how much you turn and sway. You do not have to re-tuck your shirt after each round. Snap crotch allows for convenience and ease when changing or visiting the "little boys" room..

Ballroom Dance Tailsuit with Trimmed Lapels

This Ballroom dance tail suit design is for men that grew tired of same-old tails. Sometimes you want something a little different. Here it comes. This ballroom dance tail suit design features trimmed lapels. No more big, shiny lapels. Instead you get nice, sleek trim around lapel. This has been quite popular in regular dress suits for a while now. In addition, we eliminated good, old waistcoat. What is the end result? This Ballroom Tailsuit looks lighter, because it does not have bulky lapels and brings eye up because there is no waistcoat. So you look thinner and taller. We highly recommend this style to not very tall dancers. All tail suits are custom made in the United States according to customer's measurements. No standard size, since the fit has to be perfect. Price includes tails jacket and high-waisted pants. Picture shows Stretch Ballroom Shirt, which is extra. Please call us if you have any questions about this ballroom tailsuit or would like to place an order.